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Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Care Services

Aesthetic dentistry has progressed a long way with new techniques complimenting previous techniques, to help improve your smile. There are many ways to do this, and several options can be used to gain your optimum smile.

  • Tooth re-contouring – tooth shape can be subtly adjusted, as sometimes a small adjustment can make a big difference
  • Gum re-contouring – with the advent of lasers, we can now re-contour the gums for symmetry
  • Tooth Whitening – Professional bleaching systems can be utilised to improve the shade of the teeth. This can also be used in root canal filled teeth which have become discoloured
  • White fillings – we use the latest bonding techniques and a variety of white fillings to gain the optimum results

  • Ceramic fillings – we can use a porcelain inlay or onlay which has greater strength than fillings with great aesthetic results
  • Resin veneers – w can place thin layers of tooth coloured resin to help improve discrepancies and shade
  • Ceramic veneers – are very thin porcelain facings placed seamlessly over the front surface of a tooth, to improve the colour, shape and/or size of the tooth

  • Ceramic crowns – a porcelain crown is a restoration that is placed over a heavily filled or weakened tooth, to prevent further breakdown
  • Ceramic bridges – a porcelain bridge is a restoration that replaces a single tooth, and sometimes 2 teeth, by connecting permanently to adjacent teeth or implants
An example of our dental implants we provide in Adelaide

  • Dental Implants – dental implants are titanium inserts that are used to replace missing teeth, whether single or multiple missing teeth