Services for Dental Implants in Adelaide

Located in Blackwood and Daw Park

Dental implants are a titanium insert(s) that are used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all the teeth. Implants can avoid the need for partial or full dentures, or can be used to stabilise dentures. Implants can provide people with functional and aesthetic results. Specific x-rays will be required to check the amount and quality of bone available for an implant.

We now have the ability to place mini implants as well. Mini implants are a narrower form of the traditional implant, that is easier to place, and do not need surgery. These are great for denture stabilisation or to replace a missing tooth with a narrow gap. Mini implants can also be used as an interim measure rather than a denture.

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Complete Dental Care's dental specialists offer two types of implants:

  • Endosteal Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

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Girl with implants

Dental Implants in Daw Park & Blackwood